Richnesses of our garden: watermelons

Geschreven door Erwin A.W. Maas

Our own watermelons 😋

In all these seven years we never have had such amazing watermelons from our garden: só sweet, só juicy and só full of nutricions...  só very different than the ones you buy in the supermarket.

We dó have other types of melons too, like Galia and Cantaloupe and they are very tasty too, but they just don't give that high a yield as the watermelons do.

Just look at it:

It's like pieces of pie, the way my wife cuts them and it eats so easily away...

Some slices of our watermelons

We had about 20 watermelons, each 4-6 kilos and quite some smaller ones too. On the shelf they stay good for months, they even get sweeter and sweeter and don't loose one drop of moisture, really: this is life how life was meant to be

If you are interested in self-sufficiency or living in Portugal you might like to visit our Portugalsection


  1. Victor Santos zei:

    Muito bem, são boas! Tem muito? Posso comprar alguns?
  2. Erwin A.W. Maas zei:

    @Victor : claro que pode comprar, tenho muito sim. Vai para cá, estou na casa 👍

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