First impressions of Linux

Geschreven door Erwin A.W. Maas

I normally write about my Linux-adventures in Dutch, but once in a while I'll do a resume in English:

So I am trying Linux now for about two weeks, dual boot, so I can easily switch back to Windows (where everything works perfectly fine).

After such a short while I ofcourse can not say much yet, but three things stick out from the start:

  1. As soon as you enter Linux for the first time you'll see that it has taken away all your rights and priviliges to all your harddrives and files and folders
  2. Hardware-support is terrible: both Zorin and OpenSuse have trouble with my Realtek 8821 wifi-adapter, so no internet, use the phone as a hotspot
  3. Things that work on one day might just stop working the other day, no error, no reasons, they just fail

So far for me Linux is a pile of crap, despite what all the websites say and all the Linux-users: if you want a pc or laptop that just works, stick to Windows, because Linux is one big lie and you're mostly on your own unless you like grumpy Forum-admins and wise-guy Linux users who have never learned how to behave: this so called "dedicated users-network" is non-existing: it's a rough world where money is number one priority like everywhere.

Free Operating System?

Hell no: you pay a high price if you switch from Windows to Linux; a price that you can not express in dollars or euros.

Really: I do not like Windows' politics, but I am not going to act like Linux is heaven, because it affects every pleasure that I have in using my laptop and being online.

I still have OpenSuse on the other boot-option, but just half an hour ago it aborted a 78 minute download of 1700+ updates at 97% because the stupid system itself disconnected the phone and because it can not get the wifi-adapter to work all the downloads and installs were cancelled by the system and I can start from scratch loosing another 90 minutes of my life which I will never get back... Thank for nothing: Linux


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