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Check how you're doing and inform yourself

When you are curious about how your website performs, or when you want to test the security measures that you have already taken, there are a lot of free scanners to be found, some only scan headers, others do a more thorough scan which can take up to 10 minutes.

And next to introducing measurements in your website, you also need to stay informed about new security-issues, I'll provide some links of good recourses for that purpose.

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Free website scanners:

Check your code-quality:

Check HTML-compliance:

Check CSS code:

Website performance:

Scan the speed of your website: Pagespeed Insights

Another in-depth performance-scanner: Metrix

Broad security-checks:

Do a quick scan of your security-headers:

HTTP resources:

Check your redirects:

Check SSL-status:

Check for vulnerabilities:

Vulnerability checker:

Check for malware:

Deep malware scan:

Deep checks (may take a while):

Useful sites:

Scan and submit your website to Chrome preload list at

Use Google search console

Use Bing webmastertools

Throw bad bots in a hole: Blackhole for bad bots

Links to useful information:

Stay informed about the top 10 most critical web application security risks, visit the Owasp top 10 regularly

A múst read security portal:

Google developers checklist:

Google security blog:

Cyber essentials:

Use Chrome (inspection) dev-tool

This tool helps you in many ways, it can find errors in scripts, help you with security-headers, demonstrate your sites' responsiveness and much more.

  • Clear browser-cache
  • Go to your website
  • Right-click and select "inspect" at the bottom
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