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Chrome inspection tool

Google Chrome dev-tool: see how responsive your website is

There's a nice feature to chrome-devtools: add a screen to the left in which you can simulate mobile phones to see how for example your images are responding to small screens.

The majority of visitors use a mobile device, they must have a good experience while browsing your site, or you won't keep them for long.

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Starting Chrome-inspection tool

  • Clear browser-cache
  • Go to your website
  • Right-click and select the tool at the bottom
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Simulating a mobile device

  • Select the small screen-in-screen icon in the left top corner, it's the second one of the two icons that sit there
  • On the left a screen appears showing your website on a mobile device
  • Adjust with the slide-grip on the side
  • Or adjust with the pre-settings (you can add extra devices by clicking on "Edit")
Chrome devtool

See next section for second picture

Simulating a mobile device, part 2

Adding devices
Adding devices

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