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Chrome inspection tool

Google Chrome dev-tool: resolving issues

Another great feature to chrome-devtools is that you can follow the loading of your websites and the issues that arise (that do not function as expected).

When you have installed a script, sometimes it is not clear to see if it functions correctly or not. Or if you have been working on a Content Security Policy you want to see if everything still functions as it did before (believe me: it won't Winkingsmiley )

Google dev-tool will show every issue including the details of what went wrong.

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Starting Chrome-inspection tool

  • Clear browser-cache
  • Go to your website
  • Right-click and select the tool at the bottom
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Discovering functionality-issues

  • Click the console tab at the top
  • Refresh your site
  • Issue-reporting: top-right, the large screen in the middle and the "issues" tab and screen at the bottom (scroll down for details)
  • You can save the large screen in the middle to a text file for later reference
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