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[EN] - Living in the Portuguese beiras: if you're interested in moving to a beautiful country that offers lots of freedom and opportunities

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[NL] - De familie "Maas": stamboom-pagina

[NL] - De oudheid: oudere en nieuwere websites over de oudheid vanaf het mesolithicum

[NL+EN] - How-to's & uncategorized: miscellaneous websites and in-depth info about certain sections of the websites (ook in Nederlands)

[NL+EN] - Sociale Media: nét zoiets als Facebook (also English)

[NL+EN] - Exdomo Blog: diverse artikelen aangaande de verschillende secties van websites (also English)

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8 aug. 2023, 11.00h.:

Different languages:

The webpages in this domain are mainly written in English or in Dutch (in the future, pages in Portuguese will be here too).
Some pages (like this one) contain more than one language at the same time, the default of this webpage is English and whenever a part is written in Dutch you will see a [NL] in the beginning of it.

6 aug. 2023, 16.45h.:

Request to my visitors:

I have tried to make the sites as responsive (adapting to cellphones, tablets, widescreens etc.) as possible, but my own cellphone has a screenwidth of 384px and my laptop has a screenwidth of 1366px and those are the only machines that I can test on.
If you have seen items that do not fit correctly on your device, could you please let me know on my Blog(ger)?.
Thank you so much!

The latest news

29 oct. 2023, 18.57h.:

Another new webdevelopment-page.

Draw graphs with PHP.
This page is about how to draw graphs with PHP without using external (3rd. party) libraries. Just a few plain self-written lines of code and some CSS.
Check it out!

25 oct. 2023, 12.12h.:

New webdevelopment-page.

A new section in webdevelopment: layouts.
The first layout of this section is a grid-design with 4 columns and 5 rows, it's a basic layout with some add-ons.
Check it out!

21 oct. 2023, 10.14h.:

Away with all cookie-sh.t etc.

I have deleted all analytics- scripts, fed up with the cookie-consent-hassle etc.
This means that there's also no need for a user/visitor-consent application anymore, so:
no annoying cookie-popups anymore and a tiny cookiepolicy !


21 sep. 2023, 09.02h.:

Kahlil Gibran-collectie aan blog toegevoegd.

Ik heb een hele grote verzameling gedichten en teksten op de harde schijf staan, deze komen allemaal weer terug op internet. De eerste collectie over Kahlil Gibran heb ik nu in zijn geheel aan de Blog toegevoegd.
Neem een kijkje in de collectie.


01 sep. 2023, 20.01h.:

De Blog is nu officieel van start!

Het heeft een poos geduurd, ik was afhankelijk van derden, maar ik kan eindelijk gaan beginnen met bloggen!
Bezoek regelmatig de Blog voor allerlei dingen welke ik nergens anders deel Winkingsmiley

25 aug. 2023, 07.31h.:

Updated Secure Apache Webserver

After 6 full days of working on the security-side of developing webpages, I have managed to update everything, including a safe Content Security Policy.
With what I learned I upgraded the Secure Apache Webserver page.

15 aug. 2023, 09.26h.:

Info-page Social and uncategorized

With offering several Social applications and introducing new webpages, we feel the need to offer assistance and clarity about them. That's what this page is for.

Not the latest news

13 aug. 2023, 19.37h.:

We have a blog now!

Yesterday our Blog has come online, it's also in full development, but it looks very promising. If you want to post a comment you will have to register, but you can like a post anytime you wish Winkingsmiley

10 aug. 2023, 14.50h.:

About-page updated: it's different Amazedsmiley

About-pages are always so boring, don't you think too? Whoever really goes visiting an about-page and really reads it?
I hope that mine is worth visiting, I tried to make it: "and now for something completely different..."

7 aug. 2023, 19.30h.:

Exdomo now has Social Media !

To offer an extra way to get in contact for people who are interested in (one of) the subjects that Exdomo offers, we just installed a facebook-like social media application.
More interactivity will follow soon.

5 aug. 2023, 20.15h.:

New website released !

After 5 months of hard work all the new and old websites are fully rebuild, all using the same architecture. This makes it a lot easier to handle everything, especially when the other 70% of old, archived sites are included as well (which are still dormant on my harddrive).

03 jul. 2023, 22.00h.:

Goodbye Facebook

Deleted my facebook-profile right after they restored it again for the 7th. time, fed up with them and working on several new social media interactions for my websites.


01 jul. 2023, 20.40h.:

Nieuw stamboom-portaal

Ik heb zojuist het stamboomportaal gedeeld op de stamboomblog.
Het stamboomportaal is dé pagina waar alle links te vinden zijn naar alle verdere info en pagina's

01 jul. 2023, 16.20h.:

Buying in Portugal

Just blogged about the new page in follow your dreams in Portugal (the Beiras), it's about buying property, a car and groceries.
Did you know that for buying property (like a house or terrain) in Portugal, you do not need a real-estate manager?

The oldest news

30 jun. 2023, 17.00h.:

Account suspended by Facebook no.6

I was going to share the new webpage, living on solar that I made on "Follow your dreams in Portugal (the Beiras)", but I was too late, apparently; Facebook suspended my account for the sixth time.
I did send in another photo with the same text as on photo no. 5 and added "Can you not stop this from happening?" to it, will it work?
I am really starting to doubt it..., this time I was back on facebook for 11 hours, that's an absolute record and I gained some hope... but it was in vain Sadsmiley

30 jun. 2023, 06.00h.:

Account no longer suspended by Facebook

my account is back for the 5th. time
So the photo with text didn't make them delete my account forgood, which is a good sign because next time they suspend my account I can try send in a photo with more texts, don't know, maybe that'll help, maybe somebody really reads it and does something with it...???

Facebook account no longer suspended

29 jun. 2023, 04.30h.:

Account suspended by Facebook no.5

My account is suspended for the 5th. time
This time I sent in a photo of me with on it the text: "This is the 5th. time in 5 days that my account is being disabled"
Maybe that helps...

28 jun. 2023, 07.30h.:

Moving away from Facebook

Removed all links to my facebookaccount and facebookgroups from my website and updated all contactlinks, there's only one link to my facebookaccount now and I can remove it from all my websites in 5 seconds: have been loosing too much time already on this failing platform Sadsmiley

27 jun. 2023, 06.45h.:

Account suspended by Facebook no.4

Facebook suspended my account for the 4th time in 3 days. Either they are loosing it (of which I have strong evidence) or they just don´t want me (of which I have strong evidence too).

25 jun. 2023, 07.00h.:

Phasing out Facebook step by step

I will say goodbye to facebook for my genealogy-site and my site about the Portuguese Beiras. The facebook-company is the weakest link of my website-chain with all their internal problems.


Social (and other) things: