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What's in this domain?

The websites in this domain are all personal websites, they're made for the fun of designing webpages and applications.

One section contains old (mostly Dutch [NL] ) websites, they have been offline since 2016 and are being revived using modern techniques (about 30% of them is back online now and there are many more to come, some of them are in English too by the way and quite a few of them are very interesting projects Amazedsmiley ).

But I do not only re-publish old websites: very often I have to study new techniques and actualities and sometimes I make a webpage about that too, like the one about websafe-fonts or security-issues etc.
So next to the old websites I also develop new ones about modern-day subjects, visit the latest news regularly to see the changes within this domain.

Not an advertisement, but looks like it

(Not an advertisement) 

1998: the first websites

From 1998 I have been making websites. At that time everybody was offered to make their own websites for free like on AOL, Yahoo, Netscape, Geocities and yes: there were many many more personal (and often very crowdy) websites.

And that was a fun time, yes: there were many huge collections of free thisses and thats like animated-gifs and DHTML-scripts etc. but the downside was lack of security. With many free downloads also came many vulnerabilities and malware, spyware etc.

Danger animated gif So yes: something needed to be done about that...

Around 2010: when the web was changing quickly

All that free stuff online like free websites, free tools for webdevelopers, free thisses and thats started to fade away and were taken over by lots of commercial websites, or the malware-distributing websites became fully rewritten with new content.

And nowadays you can still do a Google-search for "free whatevers" but the search results mostly start with sponsored advertisements and the links below them are often misleading: you think you're going to a website with the "Top 10 free whatevers" but you'll soon find out that they are not free at all but "free to try" or "free demoversions" where a lot of functionalities do not work and where they try to sell you the full version".

"Free" today, often is not really free, more like "free but..." and the limitations often are very difficult to find if even mentioned at all Sadsmiley 

But the holy money has to come from somewhere, doesn't it?
So, the "Top whatever websites" linking to these (not really) free whatevers, presumably get payed by companies behind those links, using affiliate-accounts or maybe the site-owners work for these companies themselves.

As I said: the money has to come from somewhere, so say goodbye to independency, objectivity and honesty; you´re being tricked again, not by malware this time, but by incomplete information and dishonest online behaviour.

Do I go with that flow?

Hell no!

I still feel that the WWW should be for everybody, young and old, poor and rich, blue, green, yellow, pink, dark etc. no matter where you come from: same rights and same possibilities and opportunities for every living human being on our planet. And I also feel that websites that use dishonesty and offer incomplete information should be punished by search-engines and get low SEO-scores for that.

But it seems that honesty online is gone forgood: it's all about money and if you are able and willing to pay a lot, you will have better chances, more opportunities and you will win. The WWW has become an arena of gladiators competing for the prizes and the slower and poorer ones amongst us can not compete anymore: money rules.

So whatever you find on these websites is totally free, no strings attached and no hidden agendas: what you see is what you get.


One more thing, the tricky part of making websites: offering interactivity like a contactform, a blog, a messaging system or anything like that always imposes risks of hacking, spamming, phishing and all kinds of malicious content. As a websitedesigner / publisher a lot of your time will be consumed only because of this.

I have been reluctant for a while to offer interactivity, but we don't live in the beginning years of the internet and interactivity is basically what the whole World Wide Web has become, so I dó offer various types of interactivity: have a look at the contactpage to see what they are.


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