Stop being tradeware of Big Tech

Geschreven door Erwin A.W. Maas

To know not is to care not

"Many of them are not informing consumers about what actually happens to their information or providing real choices. Many consumers are unaware, for example, that Facebook can track their activity online when they are logged out, or even if they are not a Facebook user."

From: this article in "The conversation"

Only a few people realise and since then started taking back control over their privacy...

And it's só easy to do:

The simpliest solution:

Just one name: Duck Duck Go and you're done and can continue surfing the web knowing that your identity and personal stuff is not being sold by the greedy money-hunters ever again.

Duck Duck Go


From the moment that you've installed the Browser-extension or the app (or both), you're garanteed to be safe for the wolves 🗸



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