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More reasons to use adblockers

Geschreven door Erwin A.W. Maas

Hacked by Youtube

More and more people use browsers with build-in adblockers or browser-extensions for blocking ads.

I just noticed that embedded videos are not only being blocked when you use an adblocker but cause 404-errors for every ad that's on it because the ad-blocker makes the browser refuse these requests, this causes 4 failed pageloads per video, I had two videos and I noticed in a request - tracking script (that I wrote and use) that 8 x googleads (doubleclick etc.) were blocked.

My blog started loading slowly and I tracked down the reason: with every pageload 8 errorpages are being requested as well which causes 9 pageviews on every load instead of just 1.

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Stop being tradeware of Big Tech

Geschreven door Erwin A.W. Maas

To know not is to care not

"Many of them are not informing consumers about what actually happens to their information or providing real choices. Many consumers are unaware, for example, that Facebook can track their activity online when they are logged out, or even if they are not a Facebook user."

From: this article in "The conversation"

Only a few people realise and since then started taking back control over their privacy...

And it's só easy to do:


3 films: een prachtige tijd

Geschreven door Erwin A.W. Maas

De film van de familie Maas

(Terug) naar de stamboom beginpagina

De film

Dit wordt een korte pagina, want deze is bedoeld om uitsluitend de film van opa en oma Maas erop te zetten

Klik hier of op de afbeelding om de film te bekijken

Film Familie Maas, klik om te bekijken

It's not going smooth...

Geschreven door Erwin A.W. Maas

The Social Network needs GD-Library to function, it does under PHP 8.0 but not under PHP 8.2 😟

I have send a message to the webhost about it and received an answer with a question to test it out, so I did (in the testenvironment ofcourse), after that: blank page.

Trying to get back to the old version: blank page, blank page, blank page...

The only way to get it working again was with a fresh install, new database, new datafile etc.

So: back on PHP 8.0 hoping that GD will be fixed for 8.2 soon...

Decision: the Social Media stays

Geschreven door Erwin A.W. Maas

I have been studying the login-part (you have to login anew after 24 minutes not being on the site anymore) and I have come to the conclusion that prolonging the login-session will bring critical security-issues with it: 24 minutes is the default session-time and there are good reasons for that.
This means that installing another Social Media application that dóes keep users logged in for days for example, is less secure than the application that we use now, so changing applications is not an option either.

So: we will stick to this one!

Social network Issues

Geschreven door Erwin A.W. Maas

There are some issues with the Social Network, most of them are minor issues but one is not acceptable:
-when a logged in User leaves the site, the session-cookie will expire in 24 minutes. After that a person has to log in again

Busy working on it, but if this can´t be fixed I am seriously considering installing a completely different social-media script that dóes keep the users logged in for a longer period of time.