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  • Membership: who can become a member?
  • Community standards: read about the rules (if there are any)
  • Security: about login and logout, registration and why it is as it is
  • Participation: with input from our members we can update the service quicker
  • Layout: about why it looks as it does
  • Games: most of them are working perfectly, some are a bit buggy. Share your experience!
  • Coverphotos on cellphones: tips about coverphotos on mobile phones
  • Images: about sizes etc.
  • Tagging: about tagging people
  • Sounds: turning sounds on or off
  • Not an advertisement, but looks like it

    (Not an advertisement) 


    We installed the Social Media Application for people who are really interested and people we know. We do not want to become a large community: we are non-profit and do not rely on advertisements or any other way of making money.

    But that said: if you are interested in what Exdomo offers online, please feel free to register. Nice people are always welcome!

    Community standards

    We are not going to write pages and pages full of what is allowed and what not, we assume everybody will be happy to use our service and behave humane and respectfully.

    That said: feel free to do whatever you want, share whatever you want and be creative: it's a new application for us too and we all have to grow into it.


    Login and logout
    You will find out that 24 minutes after leaving the Social Media you will have to login again, that's for security reasons.
    But it's easy: just click "yes" when your browser asks you to remember your login credentials and it will be only one extra click to login again.

    Depending on which browser you use it will come with a pre-filled-in password-screen in the blue bar on the top of the login-page rightaway or when it's not pre-filled then just click in the input-field "username" and your browser will come up with suggestions.
    Choose the right username (if not already filled-in) and click on OK:
    Next time when you come back (depending on your browser) either the login-fields already contains your credentials or you have to click in one of those fields and your browser will fill them in for you:

    Login to our Social Media

    Once you have registered it may take a while for your account to become active, we will review every new registration, before allowing the account to be created

    Question: But if this is such a big thing, then why do I not have to login over and over on Facebook, Twitter etc.?
    Answer: These sites mitigate the risk of a hijacked session with several security enhancements that Exdomo doesn't (need and want) to offer. These features include:
    Remote Logout: Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. allow you to see a list of devices with active sessions and an option to terminate any or all of these sessions. This comes in handy when you realize you forgot to logout of Facebook from your friend's computer, and you don't trust them to not post to your news feed.
    Reauthentication Prompts: If you try to make security-sensitive modifications to your account on these large Social Media sites, you may be prompted to reauthenticate first. This will limit the damage that account hijackers can cause.
    Login History: Each service allows you to review the login history in the case you suspect your account may have been compromised. You can use this information to help identify hijacked sessions.
    Notifications: These sites notify you via email when certain sensitive actions are taken on your account. For example, I recently changed my Recovery Email settings in Google, and received an email notification of the change. If an attacker makes modifications to my account on these services, I am likely to be notified so I can take corrective action sooner.
    ICT-departments: These websites have large ICT-departments with specialized personnel, who are constantly occupied with security. We can never compete with that (and we don't want to either).
    Additional: The large Social Media Websites have made the risk-based decision to implement a suite of detective and corrective security controls for dealing with session hijacking in lieu of implementing the preventative security control of logging out an idle session after a reasonable timeout period.
    The business-risk of pre-emptively logging out a user after a short timeout period for these companies has been evaluated as greater than the business-risk of session hijacking threats with these detective and corrective controls in place. And as Exdomo does not have a business-model, there's no business-risk either and therefore there's no reason to make the website vulnerable. Most other official websites (banks, authorities etc.) use short-login periods either. This is not paranoid behaviour; it's just being realistic (nowadays malicious individuals are very clever and the risks are huge).

    Keep in mind: these security measures are in the first place for the users (you) and in the second place for Exdomo.


    Questions, requests, complaints
    Whenever you see something not working correctly, or whenever you have a request or a complaint, please let us hear about it so that we can optimise our service.

    We will be very grateful for every input from the community!


    Why does it look like Facebook?
    This is done just for convenience: the Social Media application is meant for close friends, relations and family. Many people are used to the facebook-layout. This makes it easier for them to find their way.

    This is just a theme that comes with the application, there are many other themes too and possibly, some day in the future, we will install a new theme, but only if everybody knows how things work.


    Playing games online
    Most games work perfectly, some games in the "arcade-section" are a bit buggy, but most of them are okay too.

    What you can do with the arcade-games is explore the bar on the left, there are many options from which you can choose, mostly that will fix it.


    Adding a coverphoto on a mobile phone
    -Go to account-settings
    -Turn your screen sideways
    -Tap your profile-picture (a small message appears to change the picture)
    -Now click in the coverphoto-area and you´ll see an option to change your coverphoto


    Image filesizes and filetypes
    Section under investigation
    -Almost all filetypes are possible, for group-coverphoto's you can not upload webp. type photo's (a request has been send to the developer)
    -Coverphoto: min. 1040 x 300

    Tagging people

    You can tag (notify) other people in posts and reactions, but only friends.

    To tag someone start with "@" and then the first letters of the name.


    You can switch sounds on and off, for example in case of a new notification

    For this click on the bell-icon Sound bell at the top of the page.


    Social (and other) things: