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Assets (webdevelopment)

In webdevelopment assets are the things that attrackt your regular and future visitors and customers. The most important asset is your content: this is what binds your visitors and attrackts new ones. Next to your content there´s your rich content like e-books, video's, images, webinars, user-applications etc. But things like your keywords that are ranking you high in search engines can be accounted to your assets as well. Then there's your site-inviews about conversion rates, heatmaps, hot-spots, incoming links, landing pages etc. To be short: all that together are your websites' assets, they make that people know where to find you, how to navigate through your site and feel comfortable while reading your content.
This also includes your source code and database for example: the back-end of your website that visitors do not see. It has taken you lots of time and effort to develop all that, so you should handle and protect your back-end assets just as much as your front-end.

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