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web-cache poisoning

Web-cache poisoning is when a hacker tries to manipulate the browsers' or webservers' cache by injecting malicious source-code into the HTTP-headers of cached content on the cache-server. Every person that does the same HTTP-request will then be served the manipulated version from the webservers' cache which can infect their devices directly or send the user to a malicious website or other source. Often the payload is another type of attack like Cross Site Scripting f.e.

web-development / webdeveloper

Webdevelopment is a broad term for creating a website to be published on the internet or intranet. It includes design, content-creation, usage of scripting languages, network configuration, security-handling, performance-management (like speed and stability), user-experience and many other tasks.
Often a website is being maintained by different specialists; subjects like security and Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO) are not primairily enclosed in webdevelopment as things are changing rapidly, which generally means that a lot of research is involved to keep up with the dynamics of the internet.

There are three kinds of webdevelopers (webdevs): front-end, back-end and full-stack.
Front-end webdevs take care of how the website looks to the outside world, they mainly use three scripting languages: HTML, CSS and javaScript. HTML can be seen as the mainframe: it contains the text, the images and the main-layout, where CSS is being used for styling these HTML-elements (color, font, sizes, responsiveness etc.) and javaScript for adding interaction, create effects, animations, games, utilities etc.
Back-end (web)devs have the task to make the website run smoothly, fast and stable. They manage the hosting services, databases, security and more complex applications. They use scripting languages like Python, Ruby, Java, PHP etc.
A full-stack webdev is a person who knows a lot about front-end ánd back-end scripting and can work completely solitairy.

Web-scripting virus

A web-scripting virus is a virus that breaches the browsers' security and makes it behave in a different way. It can change the starting page, generate pop-up screens and infect the local machine in a way that it becomes slow and almost unusable.
This kind of virus often goes around on social-media and has the ability to spread very fast infecting lots of devices. Mostly people "catch" this virus by opening attachments, visiting certain websites, clicking on a link or downloading software.

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