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Stealth virus

A stealth virus is a type of computer virus that effectively hides itself, hence the name. It can hide in real files, boot sectors, or other partitions without your system or you even knowing it's there. This allows cyberattackers to take over control of your machine, all of its functions, alter data, propagate computer areas and even degrade its overall working.
The stealth virus can get into the computer system in several ways. A first way is by opening malicious mails, spam, which are infected with the virus. When opening these emails, the virus is given free access to all computer files. Also when downloading software via the internet there is a possibility that a stealth virus infects the computer. The software should therefore come from reliable sources or links. When downloading illegal and/or copyrighted music, movies or software via a BitTorrent-client, there is a good chance that the files are infected with viruses, including stealth viruses.

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