Additional information (ai)

AI-powered attack

A new type of attack that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to secure itself from being noticed by anti-malware-software, to get a better result and to get better information about vulnerabilities and protection-mechanisms of computer systems and devices.

This is a mouthfull of information ofcourse, but it is essential to know that AI-powered attacks (will) have the ability to (machine-)learn from and adapt to the environment in which it deploys itself: it might not be succesful at first but it is able to register where things went wrong to come back with another tactic to eventually deploy a succesful security-breach and launch malware into the targeted system(s). Instead of creating brand new attacks altogether, attackers using AI are amplifying the breaches that hurt everyday organizations and individuals.

The large anti-malware developing companies already are very busy writing defensive AI-programs to be ahead of (future) AI-powered attacks, because where AI can be of great use to us, it can also be exploited by malicious individuals.


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