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Ready to go?

So: why Portugal and why the Beiras?

That's question number 1: "If we go, then where do we go"?

Answer: The answer to this question depends on your personal situation, there's not one answer that fits everybody so we have to look at it generally:

  1. Portugal is one of the safest countries in Europe, the crime rate is very low
  2. Portugal (especially the Beiras) is cheap compared to other countries
  3. The Portuguese Beiras have the cleanest air of all
  4. Portugal offers more individual freedom due to the hierarchical organisation: the local authority (being the mayor / junta de freguesia) has more influence than on average in other countries
  5. The Portuguese people are very friendly and helpful
  6. Portugal offers many opportunities for recreation: hiking, swimming, restaurants, wildlife, sports etc., you name it: Portugal has it
  7. And we can go on for ages, it's only wise to take a look and find out for yourself what more Portugal has to offer

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(Not an advertisement) 

Can you tell me something about the Portuguese system?

The Portuguese system differs a lot from other countries; it's quite beaurocratic, but that is not per definition a bad thing. Look at it this way: all the rules and regulations are pretty straight-forward: if you want to buy a house or car, or if you need a Visa to stay for a longer period, if you want to start a company etc. etc. then you can find everything you need to do listed on the websites of the authorities, it's like a checklist and when you have checked all these requirements then you're ready to go.

So it might look like "OMG look at all these requirements", but at least it's clear: no wondering about this or that: just some things that you have to do.

And if you are not sure about things: then you will find out that there are many people willing to help ór you go to a tax specialist, a sollicitadora, an advogado, a financial advisor (or whoever) to whom you pay a small fee and he or she will do it for you.

Where do I start?

Very important question!

Besides the fact that it's wise to first go on vacation to Portugal and have a look around, primarily you need a Portuguese tax-number (called NIF). Without that you can't do anything. And it's só easy to get a NIF (ánd it's completely free of charge if you do it yourself): all you need is an identification (passport or ID-card) and a proof of your adress in your home-country (like a letter from some authorities or so). With these two things you can apply for a NIF

  1. At a tax-office in Portugal (almost every city has one)
  2. Often the Portuguese ambassy or consulate in your homecountry can help you with it
  3. You can apply for it online at the website of the Portuguese tax-authority: Portal das Finanças
  4. Have a professional do it for you

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